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1.  Who is this for? –  Any up and coming wedding or portrait photographer who has been working 2 years or less to get a little extra exposure in the photography world while helping to encourage and inspire other new photographers.  It also acts as a directory for anyone who wants to find out who the newer talent is in their communities so that they can A. be inspired and B. be friends.  It can be intimidating and difficult to find and befriend other photographers when you’re just starting out.  Hopefully this will break down the walls and invite support to those in your community.  Hopefully it will build some great friendships.  It’s also for anyone who wants information on photography related events that are going on.

2.  Why? –  It’s all about wanting to help out other photographers with ideas, encouragement, and inspiration.  One night we got together and were talking about how it appears that the majority of the biggest names in the industry seem to be grouped together on the west coast.  There is just so much happening over there.  Meetups, photographer luncheons, more seminars, more workshops, more everything.  Maybe it’s part imagination, part west coast fever (because yes there are some extremely talented successful photographers right here in this state… AND we’ve seen a few workshops stroll thru town), but it got us thinking about how many newer photographers are out there buried under all the more established ones.  And being relatively new ourselves, we don’t even know all the local photographers here yet, and we know how difficult it can be.  It’s all just so blurry.  How can we put them all together in one place to find them, if for instance, we wanted to organize a luncheon here in little ol’ NC.  And what are they up to?  Maybe they have fun new trends, techniques, and ideas that could inspire in a whole new way.  We wanted to create a database of sorts for any interested relative newbie in the industry who wants to be profiled and share in the wealth of knowledge and friendship.

3.  What else? –  ALSO, we were wondering about how to find out about all the seminars and workshops that are going on.  It seems that every time we find out about one, it’s already over.  There needs to be a somewhat all inclusive list of events.  If there is one already out there it is too well hidden.  And we know it’s pretty much impossible to have a COMPLETE list of all the ones going on all the time, everywhere, but, by golly we’re gonna try.

4.  How can I be profiled? –  If you are interested in having a profile post on The Bokeh Pot blog, email us at thebokehpot@gmail.com for the questionnaire.

5.  What is Bokeh?From Wikipedia – (derived from Japanese, a noun boke, meaning “blurred or fuzzy”) is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field. Different lens bokeh produces different aesthetic qualities in out-of-focus backgrounds, which are often used to reduce distractions and emphasize the primary subject.

6.  For our readers… We’d love to know we have some blog stalkers out there!  Send us an email!  Also, encourage the featured photographers by leaving comments for them here.  We’re going to have random comment contests for our readers, so don’t be shy!  Leave lots of love and you just might get an email telling you you’re a winner!

One Response to F.A.Q.

  1. tiana says:

    Hey! I find your blog very useful. It’s how i found out about Lizzie Kimball, a very generous photographer who has helped me thus far. Thank you.

    I am always here, and it’s been a very informative and eye opening experience to read about other photographers. Thank you from my heart for taking the time out to put this site together, and for knowing that there was a need for it. God bless you.

    I was wondering, what about photographers on the east coast? There are only i think two or three featured photographers from PA. I know there are more photographers on the west coast, but i have some suggestions: African-American photographers who
    i’d like to see featured on the blog.
    http://vidacarson.tumblr.com/ fits both profiles.

    i think this guy is on the east coast:

    she’s cool: http://bedazzledphotography.com/

    and one more photographer i can’t rem that’s really
    impressive. thank you for your time and consideration. i don’t expect an immediate feature on these guys, cause i know there are tons of wonderful prof who you guys are considering, but i am sending these few to you for suggestions. nothing complicated or anything like that.

    thanks again!

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