Spreading the word for the Spread the Love Tour

November 24, 2009

<a href=”http://www.justinmarantz.com/”>Justin &amp; Mary Marantz</a> are coming to Charlotte in January for their Spread the Love Workshop and on Black Friday, seats will only be $50!!  After Friday, seats will be $150, so make yourself a reminder to do a little quick shopping online before heading out to shop and wait in hour long lines.

Here’s what they had to say about the workshop:
<em>Spread the Love is not a photography workshop…It’s a LIFE workshop. So you don’t have to be a photographer to attend! Florists, planners, basically anybody who owns their own business can benefit from Spread the Love. In this seminar, we’ll cover everything from marketing, branding, building relationships, business 101, financial health, balancing life &amp; business, creating systems that stick. and so much more. This is the time for a fresh start, and what better way to kick it off than getting inspired to get back to what you love about not only your business, but more importantly…to what you love about your LIFE again? </em>

For each city to remain on the map, at least 50 people will need to sign up for that city, so help them spread the word and invite all your friends to come along!

We’ll be kicking everything off in our own backyard: Beantown, aka Boston on January 5th!

Spread the Love Boston: January 5th
Spread the Love NYC: January 6th
Spread the Love DC: January 7th
Spread the Love Richmond: January 8th

***We’ll be heading to Nashville here to be in town for Imaging/DWF. For any of you guys that are planning on coming to Imaging and can’t make any of the other stops (or just want to come twice!!) we’ve planned the Nashville stop to be the day after the conferences end, just for you!! Well….and all the Nashville people! 🙂

Spread the Love Nashville: January 14th
Spread the Love Charlotte: January 15th
Spread the Love Atlanta: January 18th
Spread the Love Jacksonville: January 19th
Spread the Love Houston: January 22nd
Spread the Love Austin: January 25th
Spread the Love Dallas: January 26th
Spread the Love Phoenix: February 2nd
Spread the Love San Diego: February 4th
Spread the Love LA: February 5th
Spread the Love San Fran: February 8th
Spread the Love Seattle: February 11th
Spread the Love Salt Lake City: February 15th
Spread the Love Denver: February 17th
Spread the Love Kansas City: February 19th
Spread the Love Chicago: February 22nd

***We’ll be taking a break here to get ready for WPPI 2010 where we will be speaking for the very first time! Bleh….I feel like throwing up already!! 🙂 🙂 And then we will wrap up the tour after WPPI with our Maine stop, when hopefully it will be a little warmer up that way!

Spread the Love Maine: March 24th

WPPI Road Trip 2009

June 22, 2009


4 different cities. 17 different speakers. 4 different topics.

4 City Road Trip!

This coming September, WPPI is taking the show on the road for the first-ever WPPI Road Trip.

You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this!

  • Atlanta – Monday, September 21, 2009
  • Minneapolis – Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  • Dallas – Monday, September 28, 2009
  • Boston – Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Each city will host 4 distinctive speakers that you’ve come to know and love at previous WPPI Conventions. The 2009 WPPI Road Trip roster includes: Bambi Cantrell, Tony Corbell, Jim DiVitale, Kay Eskridge, Beth Forester, Jim Garner, Doug Gordon, Kevin Kubota, Robert Lino, Lori Nordstrom, Sarah Petty, Ken Sklute, John Solano, Eddie Tapp, Vicki Taufer, Jed Taufer and Kirk Voclain.

4 Hot Topics

Each stop on the tour will cover 4 specific areas, designed specifically to cultivate your technical skills, inspire creativity and enhance the productivity of your professional photography business.

  • Business & Marketing
  • Lighting & Posing
  • Wedding or Portraits
  • Workflow

All for just $149

Each stop along the WPPI Road Trip includes 4 programs, a buffet lunch and a mini trade show with some of your favorite exhibitors, companies and sponsors all for just $149!

Choose 1 city and pay just $149
Or… choose 2 cities and pay just $249
Or… choose 3 cities and pay just $349
And because we know someone will ask, come to all 4 cities for just $399!


For a limited time, WPPI is offering FREE registration to the 2010 WPPI Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, to all attendees who register and attend any one of the stops on the first-ever WPPI Road Trip! If you’ve never attended WPPI before, there is no time like the present to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity near you.

Click here to Register

one light workshop

May 26, 2009


The cost of the workshop is $600 and includes all of your meals, beverages, and print materials

Registration Click Here!

Workshop dates:

Atlanta :: 7/8 :: SOLD OUT
Mixer the evening of 7/7 – Open to the local community free of charge.

Atlanta :: 8/19 :: 
Mixer the evening of 8/18 – Open to the local community free of charge.

Atlanta :: 9/23 :: 
Mixer the evening of 9/22 – Open to the local community free of charge.

L.A. :: 9/29 :: 
Mixer the evening of 9/28 – Open to the local community free of charge.

L.A. :: 9/30 :: 
Mixer the evening of 9/28 – Open to the local community free of charge.

Seattle :: 10/3 :: 
Mixer the evening of 10/2 – Open to the local community free of charge.

Houston :: 10/13 :: 
Mixer the evening of 10/12 – Open to the local community free of charge.

Austin :: 10/15 :: 

Mixer the evening of 10/14 – Open to the local community free of charge.

NYC :: 10/26 :: 
Mixer the evening of 10/25 – Open to the local community free of charge.

NYC :: 10/27 :: 
Mixer the evening of 10/25 – Open to the local community free of charge.

Atlanta :: 11/11 :: 
Mixer the evening of 11/10 – Open to the local community free of charge.


“Off Camera.  Manual Mode.  Old School.  This is how we do it at the OneLight.

This workshop is not a 9 to 5 presentation of pretty pictures telling you what f-stop and shutter speed were used to make them.  You will not be instructed to follow your heart.  We will not “feel” the light.  We most definitely will not talk about the transcendental properties of light and shadow and make metaphors between the physical and metaphysical worlds.  :)”

“This is a nuts and bolts type of workshop that breaks lighting down into something we can understand and know how to use in practical day to day shooting.  We want to make creative and compelling portraits wherever we are at any time of the day or night.  The only prerequisite for this workshop is that all participants MUST have a solid understanding of apertures, shutter speeds, and basic composition knowledge.  The OneLight is designed for intermediate to advanced photographers.”

“The Learn Fest” Atlanta September 14-17, 2009

May 5, 2009

“The Learn Fest”  Atlanta September 14-17, 2009picture-10

For more information please visit:  http://www.thelearnfest.com/


David Ziser: Digital Wake Up Call

April 28, 2009


Visit: http://www.digitalwakeupcall.com/ for more details!!!

picture-3picture-1picture-5Visit: http://www.digitalwakeupcall.com/ for more details!!!

picture-7picture-8Visit: http://www.digitalwakeupcall.com/ for more details!!!

AsukaBook Free Seminar

April 14, 2009

AsukaBook sponsors the following photographers’ events throughout the year.  Below is the latest schedule of their events where you are able to learn more about AsukaBook products and possible win a free book of your own design!

For more information visit http://asukabook.com/home_events.html

April 21, 2009 and April 22, 2009  Boston, MA  Area Seminar

April 23, 2009 Brooklyn, NY Seminar

April 24, 2009 Manhattan, NY Seminar

April 25, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Seminar

April 27, 2009 Baltimore, MD Seminar

April 28, 2009 Charlotte, NC Seminar

April 29, 2009 Atlanta, GA Seminar

May 1, 2009 Orlando, FL Seminar

Love Affair 2009 Workshop for women

April 7, 2009

July 28th  29th  and  30th

You will need to arrive on the 27th for our welcome reception that we will be hosting on Monday Night.  Also, plan on staying for our finale night on the 30th and fly out on the 31st.


Atlanta, GA at the fabulous W Hotel.



This includes:

– 4 nights hotel accommodations (private rooms available at an additional cost….see faq’s below for details.)

– Opening night reception (tapas and ritas)

– Breakfast and Lunch Daily

– Finale Night Dinner

– A week packed with info and fun for you to hone your photography, business, and balancing your life skills!


Kelly Moore

Lauren Clark

Millie Holloman

Davina Fear


Everything you can think of!!!

Here’s a list of some of the things we’ll be covering:

Posing:  Natural and fun/Fashion

Staying creative

Time Life Balance

Shooting demos with each of the Love Affair gals

Raw workflow


Lighting and Off Camera Flash

Beginning camera technique

Natural Light shooting

Basic and Advanced Photoshop

Goals and Business Planning

Personal Business Consulting

Organizing your studio

Hiring and Creating a great team

Workflow-first phone call to final album


Getting Published


Creating great client relationships

Vendor Relationships


And more….

To register


For more informaion visit