In a nutshell, The Bokeh Pot was created to serve as a directory and event resource for the up-and-coming photographers of the wedding and portrait industry.

This blog was created with three basic goals in mind:

1.  give a little extra exposure to all those talented wedding and portrait photographers who have been in business 2 years or less

2.  provide a place where other photographers, new or well established, can easily find the like-minded in their own community, to help break down walls and build more friendships and support

3.  provide a common place to find out about all the numerous photography related events happening

There is just so much information out there in the WWW that is so widespread, we wanted to take a couple of topics we care about most and hone in on them to create a better database of sorts.  Of course, we will need your help to make it happen!  Let us know when an event, big or small, is taking place anywhere.  And if you want to be profiled, send us an email.  We’d love to have you aboard!  Check out F.A.Q.’s to learn more!


2 Responses to Overview

  1. amanda james says:

    hi! i’m a portrait/ (newbie) wedding photographer in charlotte and would love to get more involved! what a great idea this is.

  2. This is a wonderful idea:) There is so much information here! I have not had time to go threw the whole site but I am looking forward to it! Great work!

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