Living the Dream Workshop – Denver, CO – Aug 3-5 2010

Living the Dream Workshop

Presented by Laura Novak & Kimberly Wylie

the premiere portrait workshop that follows the entire process of building a portrait business from beginning to end.

“So you love photography right?  Okay, lets be honest here… for most of us photography often goes past a love affair into the realm of slightly obsessed.  We are creators and get to leave people with little pieces of us.  Pretty cool.

Now that we have established that we are all the luckiest people on earth, here are the big questions… Are you the most creative and efficient that you could be?  Are you making the most of every opportunity?  Are you up every night on your computer?  Do you have balance in your life?  Are you actually making a profit doing what you love?  Join award winning photographers Kimberly Wylie and Laura Novak, owners of two of the most profitable portrait studios in the United States, for a workshop that teaches the entire life cycle of a portrait.  We will be covering bringing a customer in the door, the photo session, efficient workflow and post processing and all those little steps in between.  It is rare to find a workshop that teaches each step in such detail, from beginning to end.  If you are serious about your portrait business, this is the workshop you have been waiting for!”

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