Gloria Mesa Photography – Simi Valley, CA

Meet Gloria, a wedding photographer in Ventura County California.  Gloria shoots 100% RAW, 100% Manual, using Canon equipment and her right eye.  She uses TRA.

Twitter  *glmesa*

Describe the moment you decided it was time to pursue this as a career?
*When I realize I was not doing what I love the most*

What is one thing you’ve learned so far that has proven most valuable?
* My personality and attitud I am very easy going.. clients love that!*

What makes you different from everyone else?
* I  think everyone has something special, me? there is only one GLORIA*

Who is your one favorite up-and-coming photographer?
One item you can’t live without?  *Internet*

Your best bokeh image and why?

* Love the way if looks its like a dream.. like butter.*

Favorite book?
* House of the spirits by Isabel Allende*

Favorite movie?
*Legends of the fall*

Where do you find inspiration?
*Love to see talented photographers in ISWP*

What do you think is the most valuable aspect of your business?
*The way I can work around clients needs..*

Do you use a second shooter?

How would you recommend that someone wanting to second shoot with you go about getting the gig?
*Easy, Just be on time, have good equipment, then Look for moments in my events. *

If you could second shoot with anyone, who would it be?
*Angelica Glass or Fer Juaristi.*

Are you a member of any organizations and have you won any awards?
*I had a honorable mention in a WPPI, I belong to a Spanish group ” foro de fotografos en español”*

What did you have to do to actually take the leap?  Did you have any hoops to jump through?
*I kind that got I bit of help.. got laid-off of my regular job of 10 years a portrait studio*

Do you have suggestions for others trying to make the transition?
*I have give support to those who ask.. *


What is the biggest or most creative thing you do/have done to draw new clients?
* It really simple, I had to make contact with Vendors and treat them like royalty to me right now are the force of my income.*

Are you for or against advertising (paid or free)?  If for, who have you had the most success with?
*I love my blog! Love it, love it, Love it.. I have learn some SEO too.*

What’s your idea of the perfect photographer networking “date”?
*  3 things, Food, wine and great friends. simple!*

Anything else you would like to share?
* My dear Friend John Solano told me to always be nice to everyone.. If you are in this industry.. that is a must! be nice and don’t let the fame go over your head.. *


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One Response to Gloria Mesa Photography – Simi Valley, CA

  1. Gloria says:

    Thank you guys!!!!!

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