Skips Summer School 2009


$279…..FREE Registration for WPPI 2010 in March!

Where- MGM Grand- Las Vegas

When- August 16-19

Featuring Bambi Cantrell,  Skip Cohen, Tony Corbell, Ron Dawson,  Robert Evans,  Jim Garner, Matt Hill, Jerry Ghionis, Mitche Graf, Kevin Kubota,  Jennifer and Charles Maring, Dane Sanders and  Ken Sklute!

A wide variety of topics will be covered, presented by some of the finest educators and photographers in our industry. There is only one program presented at a time and EVERYONE will have a seat. Although presented in a large ballroom, it will be set up classroom style. If you like to take notes on a laptop, make sure it’s charged and feel comfortable using it during any of the programs. There is also FREE wifi in several areas of the MGM Conference Center building, although not in the ballroom itself.

All of the speakers at this special event will be available in the Speaker’s Corner area at different times to speak with you directly, along with all of our sponsors.

Click here to Register

Jennifer and
Charles Maring

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