Fast Track Workshop

May 20-21 Houston TX

October 20-21- New York NY

Get clear on who you are as a photographer & witness a world open up that you’ve never dreamed of!

cost? $1200.00

Join in for two days of training that will have more impact on your bottom line and professional satisfaction than any other investment you will make this year – facilitated by Dane Sanders!

> Let Dane help you get clear on your critical competitive advantage.
> Let Dane unlock the mystery of real change in your life and business.
> Let Dane crystalize what you need to do to get your photo house in order.
> Let Dane help you build modular micro-systems to streamline your workflow.
> Let Dane give you personal coaching on how to get the most from your subjects.
> Let Dane catalyze your growth as a photographer.
> Let Dane empower you with a proven game plan for success.

Give yourself the gift of jump starting your career that will save you years of trial and error.

The Workshop is designed around three keys elements that will propel you as a professional photographer.

First, you’ll get everything you need to personally own the Fast Track Philosophy.

Second, you’ll discover the perfect Strategy & Tactics for you to truly lead.


Third, you will be given the Tools and Best Practices necessary to win.

To register:  Click here


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