New Blog for Wedding Professionals:

Here is a new Blog that found it’s way to my inbox.  It looks interesting… read on to learn more about it.

Happy Spring!!


Welcome to the by SEO Expert and wedding DJ, Jason Hennessey.

Welcome to, the first wedding blog, dedicated to teaching you effective and proven ways to start to leverage the internet.  This site is specifically designed to provide professional wedding service providers daily updates with FREE tools and techniques to master GOOGLE.

I myself started as a wedding DJ in Las Vegas, and for 10 years I have been studying SEO “Search Engine Optimization”.  And YES this site will be dedicated to hard working photographers, dj’s, banquet hall owners, limo drivers…the people who work SOOO hard ensuring that their brides and grooms are completely satisfied. You have my promise, all of the marketing advice provided on will ALWAYS be written in Laymen s terms, and I will NEVER try to sell you anything.

Don’t ever show up on a Google Search?

Do you have a website?
Is your website optimized (both on/off page)?
How many incoming links do you have?
Do you have enough content on your site?
Do you have a blog?
Are you adding fresh content to your blog daily?
Are your keywords at the front of your title tags?
What do your meta tags say?
Do you have a site map?

Every day I will elaborate more on all of these subjects, and teach you so many other techniques.  There is no secret recipe for getting on the first page of Google for your keyword of choice, it just requires a general understanding of SEO, and a dedicated effort.  Visit this blog daily, and I GUARANTEE it will help.  Why not, its FREE information : )

For the next 3 days, I will be picking a different site and providing a FREE SEO review of your site. I will be posting the site on the blog with all of my recommendations.  If you would like to submitted for a review….please comment on the homepage with your URL and Company Name.

Jason Hennessey
SEO “Expert”


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