Sylvia Borgo – San Diego, CA

Meet Sylvia Borgo.  She focuses primarily on children, families and babies, but hopes to incorporate more maternity, tween, and senior sessions in the future.  She loves, loves, loves Nikon glass and shoots with her right eye.


Describe the moment you decided it was time to pursue this as a career?
When I photographed my first family and they called me immediately after viewing their images in their on-line gallery.  They gushed, they thanked me profusely, they even sobbed a little – including the dad.  I felt so happy that I could provide families with a record of their time together, to stop time for them and capture their lives.

lucasmom2_45026mm, f4.2, ISO 450

What is one thing you’ve learned so far that has proven most valuable?
To be energetic.  The success of a photo session is dependent on me – I have to be ready to help families/kids relax and have fun.

luke2_45030mm, f5.6, ISO 400

What makes you different from everyone else?
Hmmm, I don’t think I’m much different than others.  I have my good days and my bad days.  But I am open to growth and change.  If it was a tough day, I resolve to make the next day a better one.

Who is your one favorite up-and-coming photographer?
I’m not sure what classifies as up and coming – but, I love the work of Ohana. They are based here in San Diego, also.  But I think they’ve been in the business for 3 or so years.  I just wanted to give them a shout-out..

3boys1_45050mm, f2.8, ISO 600

One item you can’t live without?
My coffee-cup.  I know, I know . . . I’m going to try to drink less coffee this year.

Your best bokeh image and why?

seanmom_45032mm, f4.4, ISO 220

Oh, I like the one of the little boy in his mom’s arms with the sun shining through.  It has tiny bokeh in the trees.  I love this image because I met this adorable family of 6 and the youngest of the kids was initially so scared of me and my camera.  But then he warmed up to me and the image epitomizes the sense of calm that continued through the rest of the session.

Favorite book?
Catcher in the Rye, I always answer this question with this book

Favorite movie?
Would it be totally cheesy to answer with an 80’s teen film?  How about Sixteen Candles?

ashley3_45050mm, f 4.0, ISO 200

Where do you find inspiration?
Other photographer’s sites/blogs and fashion catalogues.

What do you think is the most valuable aspect of your business?
My work ethic.  I’m professional, consistent, and determined.

max1_45030mm, f8, ISO 200

If you could second shoot with anyone, who would it be?
Oooh, what a great question!  I’m going to say Tara Whitney, Jinky, Cheryl Muhr, Ohana, Kara May, Sarah Q.   Okay, I’ll stop there.

Are you a member of any organizations?
Does OSP count?  If it does, I’m also a member of PPT (a San Diego photographers group).

viv10_45046mm, f5.3, ISO 600

What did you have to do to actually take the leap?  Did you have any hoops to jump through?
I work as a photographer part-time because I’m also a mom to 2 young boys..  I also teach.

Do you have suggestions for others trying to make the transition?
Come up with business goals and a business plan.  Also, network with other photographers, and read, read, read lots of books.

kenzielemons1_45050mm, f1.4, ISO 200

What is the biggest or most creative thing you do/have done to draw new clients?
I volunteered my time to my local neighborhood schools and helped fundraise for them with my photography.  I don’t know if it was creative, but it sure felt good to have all that money go to schools.

Anything else you would like to share?
I am very, very thankful for my family and friends who are so incredibly supportive.

audreykite_45045mm, f 5.6, ISO 200


4 Responses to Sylvia Borgo – San Diego, CA

  1. Zak says:

    Rock it Sylvia! 🙂

  2. awwww!!!!! how we love thee, let us count the ways! wow we are so humbled and thrilled you like our work sylvia! we’re blushing 🙂 look out for this girl world she’s going to be the next best thing!!!

  3. e-rocka says:

    yay for sylvia!!!

  4. your work is great, sylvia! keep it up!

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